Ozark Prayer

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Ozark Prayer

Postby admin » Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:41 pm

This beautiful Ozark Prayer was delivered at the Ozark Silver Swallows Alumni Christmas Party in December 2013:

You know…..time has a way of moving way too quickly and catching us unaware of the passing years. It seems just yesterday that we were all young, getting married, (sometimes more than once), many of you just starting your Ozark careers and all of a sudden we sit here and wonder “Where did all those years go?”
Here we are …… in the winter of our lives and we wonder….HOW DID WE GET HERE SO FAST? WHERE DID THE YEARS GO? We remember seeing older people through the years and thinking that those older people were REALLY old… like 60, and those older people were years away from us and we could not fathom or imagine ever being THAT old.
But, here it is……….getting grey, most of you are retired, some of us wish we were retired, our age beginning to show and now WE are those older folks we used to see and never thought we’d be. So, as we enter this phase of our lives we remember those younger days with fondness, happiness, and joy. Ozark was truly a wonderful family! We count our blessing that we all made Ozark a little better place while we were there. And still after 28 years we enjoy seeing our old Ozark friends; actually we are all family. We still talk about the fun days of flying for Ozark and are grateful for those who came before us and recognize that if it were not for them, Ozark would not have thrived. Today we especially remember those who have flown before us to new horizons and bluer skies. So…..remember that “Life is a gift to you! The way you live your life is your gift to those who come after. Old is good in some things: OLD SONGS, OLD MOVIES, but BEST OF ALL “OLD FRIENDS”. Stay well old friends, and remember……..It’s Not What You Gather, But What you Scatter That Tells What Kind of Life You have Lived. Abraham Lincoln once said; “Your life has been good when you still get together with Old Friends.”
I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas; but most of all a Healthy New Year. Remember; “It is health that is our real Wealth and not the money in our bank account or what we have acquired….” So may each of you count your blessing; I know that I do!
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